tree-surgeon-services-bangorLets be honest trees would flourish it it wasn’t for humans. We all love trees but they need controlled so we can live in harmony with each other.

Trees and hedges like any living organism or man-made object need maintenance. We offer a large range of tree and hedge services. These include:

  • Pruning (Reducing the size of your tree but maintaining the look and shape.)
  • Trimming (Especially for hedges. Hedges should be cut at least twice a year)
  • Crown Thinning (Maintain the size and shape of the tree but allows more light in)
  • Dismantling/Removing (Unfortunately Trees and hedges get disease or outgrow their area. Dismantling is the safe felling of a tree or hedge.)
  • Polarding (Take all branches off the tree to leave the trunk but the tree is not killed and continues to grow. Good for trees that have lost their shape badly and you want new even growth.)
  • Storm Damage (With High Winds tree damage is inevitable at times and the tree may need safe repairs made)
  • Dead Wood Removal (Best let us remove old dead branches safely)
  • Limb Removal (Remove troublesome Branches safely)
  • Crown Raising (Improve the look and shape of your tree)
  • Grass Cutting and other Gardening services – Visit our partners at Grass Fellas.